Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hey Intermec, show us your back side...

Any IT manager who works for a distribution, trucking or delivery company no doubt deals with ruggedized mobile devices. A big part of daily operations for mobile field workers is the ability to print at customer locations. This is generally accomplished by mounting some type of ruggedized printer inside a vehicle in a secure and safe fashion. So, as an I.T. manager then, it is important that you know exactly how new printer models are built to mount in truck cabs and check-in rooms. Logical then that Interemc (one of the leader’s in ruggedized devices and printers) would make this type of information clear on their product web site. Wouldn’t you think there would be clear photo’s of the rear panel of printer’s clearly showing how specifications have changed? Apparently, Intermec doesn’t think so. I recently had to RMA over $100K of fixed mount printers because the rear mounting panel in the new model had been altered. Had this been clear on the web site this could have been avoided. Hey, Interemc, we mount your printers and really need to see how new model’s will impact our current mounting solutions. So, here is a tip for your web site, show us your rear!

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